The Benefits Of Dethatching Your Los Angeles Lawn

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There are lots of things that can get in the way of a great lawn. Different types of grass diseases can cause the grass to wither and die, insect infestations can weaken or kill grass, and can also damage your lawn, different soil compositions can introduce challenges of their own, and soil that is depleted of nutrition can leave grass hungry and fragile. Thatch buildup is another challenge for lawns. Although thatch is a natural part of a healthy lawn, too much thatch can get in the way of a good lawn. When lawn thatch buildup becomes a problem, you need lawn dethatching. 

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What Is Thatch?

Thatch is a natural part of a good lawn. It consists of a natural, organic layer of living and dead stems, leaves, organic matter, grass clippings, and roots that naturally forms just above your yard’s soil and just below the grass. It is normally beneficial to lawns because it acts as a thin layer of mulch. It not only allows fertilizer, water, and air to reach the grass roots, but it also serves a function in preserving lawn moisture. But if thatch grows too thick, it can cause problems. 

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The Benefits Of Dethatching For Your Lawn

Normal thatch layers are only about half an inch thick. Thatch that grows over an inch thick is considered excessive. When thatch grows too thick, it introduces several different kinds of problems to your lawn. Excessively thick thatch can resist water penetration and can allow water to run off of your property instead of soaking in. It can also do the same for fertilizer, which not only prevents fertilizer from reaching your grass but also causes it to run off into areas where you didn’t intend for fertilizer to go. Thatch that is too thick can also stress grass by reducing the circulation of air near grass roots. Dethatching a lawn is a fast way to eliminate all of these problems and restore your lawn to its best.

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How The Dethatching Process Works

Dethatching is simply removing the excess thatch buildup on your lawn. Traditionally, this has involved using rakes and other hand tools to physically remove it, or specialized power equipment to physically remove it faster. These techniques require considerable labor as well as time and need to be performed correctly to avoid damaging your grass. Professional dethatching not only saves you time and effort, but lawn care professionals have the training and tools to ensure a properly dethatched lawn without risking damage.

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Lawn dethatching is a great way to help keep your lawn healthy and optimized. It helps your grass get all the water, nutrients, and air that it needs to grow strong and healthy, while at the same time maintaining a normal layer of protective thatch in place at the base of your grass. 

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