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Lawn care in Los Angeles can be incredibly challenging. Growing a beautiful lawn with our scorching sun and lack of rain can be almost impossible. If you have been searching for a way to achieve a lush green lawn, sod installation might be the answer.

Using sod instead of seeds has multiple benefits and can reduce some of the necessary lawn care maintenance your grass usually requires. If you are tired of working hard on a lawn with little to no results, we can help.

Before deciding that sod is right for you, we recommend learning more about it. In this article, we’ll explain what sod is and how it might help your property. At Aerations Plus, we offer sod installation services near you that can transform a yard full of weeds and dust into a thriving lawn.

What Exactly Is Sod?

Residential sod installation may sound complicated, but it is pretty simple. Sod is a patch of already-grown grass and soil that we can lay out on your property. It is specially grown and harvested for this purpose and comes in various sizes and options depending on the area you need to cover.

Using professional sod installers, like the technicians at Aerations Plus, can make all the difference when using this product. There are many steps involved in proper installation. Selecting the right type of sod is also critical and depends on specific conditions in your yard. Different grasses thrive in different yards, and the pros know what is best to use for each property.

The Benefits New Sod Can Bring To Your Los Angeles Yard

Sod can transform your property, turning a dusty yard into the lawn you have always wanted. Many other benefits come with residential sod installation, including:

  • Many sod types of grass grow very thick, helping to keep weeds at bay, meaning less lawn care maintenance for you.
  • Sod is quicker than seeding and works better in dry areas where seed usually blows away.
  • Sod installation is a fast and easy way to increase property value.
  • In hilly areas, sod can help to prevent erosion. 
  • Sod can allow you to grow a lawn in areas that aren’t normally hospitable for growth.

Installing sod with a local lawn service like Aerations Plus can save you time, money, and hard work.

How Hard Is It To Install Sod On Your Own?

Sod installation isn’t impossible for a homeowner, but it is a lot of work. This process has several steps, and the conditions must be just right. 

Professional sod installers can ensure that they prepare your property correctly for sod. Preparation includes removing weeds, readying the soil, and carefully measuring the area. Following installation, we ensure there are no air bubbles and that it is flat so it will have a chance to establish roots. 

Using a company that provides sod installation services near you, like Aerations Plus, can help you achieve success with your lawn. Our technicians will ensure that your sod is properly measured and laid out, so your lawn will grow lush and healthy. We will also advise you on when and how to water the sod to achieve optimal results.

The Best Team To Contact For Professional Sod Installation

If you are tired of constant seeding, watering, and fertilizing that is never successful, it is time to call a local lawn service company like Aerations Plus. 

Contact us today for your free estimate for our residential sod installation services. Our team of experienced technicians can help you achieve that lawn you have always dreamed of having. 

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