Seeding A Lawn From Scratch; A Helpful Guide For Los Angeles Homeowners

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There is a wide range of benefits to having a healthy yard. Not only is lush green grass nice to look at, but it reduces the heat around your home, which could lower your overall energy costs. If the grass in your yard is dead or nonexistent, seeding it from scratch can seem like a giant undertaking. However, at Aerations Plus, we make the process quick and easy. We provide lawn care in Los Angeles and a wide range of other landscaping services to ensure that your yard stays looking its best throughout the year. Here is a look at everything you need to know about seeding your lawn from scratch.

The Different Ways To Seed Your Lawn

When it comes to seeding your yard, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. There are several different seeding methods that each have their own benefits. Here is a look at the various ways to seed your lawn:

  • Slit seeding: With this method, you are essentially dethatching and planting seeds at the same time. Slit seeding uses a machine to cut slits into the ground, opening the thatch and allowing the seed to be planted into the soil.
  • Hydroseeding: This is a quick, easy way to seed a large area. Soil, seed, fertilizer, mulch, and water combine to create a slurry mixture. This mixture is sprayed directly onto the soil using a high-pressure sprayer.
  • Overseeding: Aerating your lawn is usually the first step to overseeding. Once the soil has been properly aerated, seeds are placed into the holes to ensure they can reach the depths of the soil. 

While slit seeding, or "slice seeding," and overseeding seem somewhat similar, they address two different problems. Slit seeding is a fast and effective way to plant grass seeds when there is little to no grass on the property. Aerating and overseeding, however, can be done with an existing turf that just needs a little sprucing up. 

How To Prepare Your Lawn For Seeding

Before you plant your grass seeds, you need to make sure that your soil is ready. It is recommended that the soil's pH levels be tested before any type of seeding takes place. The pH scale goes from one to 14. If your soil has a pH of one or two, it is considered to be extremely acidic. If it has a pH of 13 or 14, it is exceptionally alkaline. Ideally, you will want your soil to be neutral, which means it would measure a seven on the pH scale. If your soil is not at the right level, specialized fertilizers and other products can increase or decrease the acidity level.

The Dos And Don'ts When Planting Grass Seed 

When planting grass seeds, you want to make sure that the temperature is just right. If you are planting cool-season grass, like fescue or bluegrass, it is best to plant it in the early spring or late fall. If you are planting warm-season grass, like bermudagrass, late spring to early summer is the ideal planting time.

One of the things that you should avoid when planting grass seed is excessive watering. Yes, the seeds will need plenty of water in order to grow. But if you use so much water that it is causing puddles in your yard, the seeds could be dislodged from the ground and float away. 

The Benefits Of Professional Lawn Seeding

Lawn seeding can be a painstaking task. If you want to plant grass seeds in your Los Angeles yard, give us a call today. At Aeration Plus, we have several decades of experience in the lawn care industry. We can help you find the right lawn seeding solution for your home and help to keep your yard looking good for years to come. 

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