Laying Sod Vs Planting New Grass; What's Best For Los Angeles Lawns?

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Los Angeles property owners recognize how a healthy lawn and attractive landscaping improves their home’s curb appeal and property value. Keeping a lush lawn is often challenging because of the relatively dry climate and scarce water supply in Southern California. When it comes to residential lawns, the two primary options are either sodding or seeding, and each has some advantages and disadvantages.  

Are you a local homeowner in need of residential lawn maintenance services? Consider contacting a Los Angeles lawn care spraying company for the best results. An experienced local provider of lawn care and landscaping services like Aerations Plus employs properly trained technicians who understand the importance of performing a detailed assessment of the property and answering any questions that arise.  

The Main Differences Between Sod And Planting Grass Seed

Unless your home is newly constructed, homeowners often wonder if they should work with the existing lawn or start over anew. Much of this decision involves assessing the desirability of the existing grass, evidence of disease, and the presence or absence of weeds. For example, lawns comprised of less than 40% weeds are usually suitable for reseeding. 

Another important consideration is the quality of the existing soil, which assesses variables such as nutrient levels, exposure to sunlight or shade, and more. Consider seeking assistance from an experienced lawn care professional when making these decisions, as doing so will better ensure the likelihood of success. 

The lawn seeding process involves distributing grass seed throughout the soil. Grass seed options include pure seed or mixed or blended formulas suitable for certain types of conditions. 

Sod installation involves the placement of existing (pre-grown) strips of recently harvested grass, which contains some roots and soil. Before placing sod, the preparation of the layer of soil beneath involves leveling, loosening and lightly dampening. Always avoid walking on newly laid sod. Give us a call for help with lawn seeding services in Los Angeles.

The Benefits Of Having A Sod Lawn

Are you wondering if residential sod installation is the best option for your Los Angeles property? Some of the primary benefits of choosing this option include the following: 

  • Although not immediately suitable for lawn traffic, laying sod creates “instant” results with a finished appearance and roots that should develop in only a few weeks.
  • The sod will resist soil erosion, acting as a blanket, which is often a significant concern on sloping surfaces. 
  • Good-quality sod should limit weed development.
  • Sod offers greater flexibility, as placement is possible throughout most of the growing season.

One of the primary comparative disadvantages of sod is the higher initial cost, which stems from purchasing the sod and the costs of professional installation. You might have fewer options in the types of grass, as it depends on the grasses available at the time.  

The Benefits Of Planting A New Seed Lawn

Many local property owners experience indecision when considering lawn seeding in Los Angeles. One of the primary advantages is likely the cost, as the price of materials and installation typically represents a significant value. Buyers will also have a wider variety of grass options, which is often important for those with challenging conditions such as a lack of direct sunlight. 

The main drawbacks of seeding include a longer development time, more frequent watering requirements, and a greater likelihood of experiencing soil erosion. 

Laying Sod Or Planting Grass Seed, Call Us For Help!

Aerations Plus is an experienced local company that performs lawn seeding services, residential sod installation, and many other lawn care solutions. Our staff receives the latest training and have the best tools and equipment at their disposal. 

As a truly full-service provider, our technicians perform the highest-quality sprinkler repair, sod installation, and landscaping services for Los Angeles-area customers. We understand that your property represents a unique environment that requires a customized approach; therefore, we will listen to your goals and create an appropriate plan. Contact our office today for more information.

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