How To Fertilize Your Los Angeles Lawn In The Spring

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For many homeowners, a healthy lawn can be a major benefit. It looks great, adds curb appeal, and grows strong enough to withstand droughts. But there are so many steps that have to be taken in order to maintain a healthy, beautiful yard. If you’re looking for some extra help with your lawn, consider Aerations Plus’s Los Angeles lawn care services. We specialize in taking care of yards and keeping them beautiful, lush, and green. You need a lawn fertilization service, and we’ve got you covered. 

Debating The Use Of Fertilizer On The Lawn

Fertilizer can be one of the greatest assets to a lawn’s health. And in a climate like Los Angeles, lawns need all the help they can get. Grass that grows in healthier is more resistant to drought and weed growth, as roots grow deeper and can take in more nutrients. Healthy lawns also look much nicer; they stay fresh and green.

There are some things to consider when it comes to fertilizing your lawn, though. You’ll need to find the right kind of fertilizer for your yard so that it benefits from your investment. You also need to figure out how you’re going to apply the fertilizer and how often it needs to be done. You don’t need or want to be applying fertilizer every day, but it should be reapplied regularly to keep your lawn healthy. This can involve some physical labor, which isn’t feasible for everyone. How much time and effort are you able to put into fertilizing your yard?

Be Sure To Apply Fertilizer Prudently

The best fertilizers specifically target your lawn’s needs. Most fertilizers are made of a combination of nitrate, phosphorus, and potassium: the three nutrients that lawns typically need. But a random mixture of these nutrients won’t help your yard. You need to figure out the nutrients that your lawn is missing so that you can supplement those. 

Because fertilizing needs are specific for each yard, do-it-yourself processes can be tricky. Figuring out the right balance of nutrients as well as the timing of application, can take some effort. You’ll likely need to run a soil test to see what nutrients your lawn needs the most. 

The Proper Fertilizer Application Timing

Ideally, fertilizer should be applied in the cooler periods of the year. This prevents the sun from drying out your lawn before the nutrients reach the roots of the grass. The timing of your lawn fertilization also depends on the type of grass you have. In general, you want to avoid doing anything to your lawn – fertilizing, watering, weeding – when the sun can dry out the soil too quickly. It’s essential that nutrients and moisture reach the roots of your grass so that it can  grow in healthier. After all, what’s the point of fertilization and lawn care if it doesn’t actually benefit your lawn?

Fertilizer should be applied about six times a year – around every two months. This ensures that your lawn continues to get the nutrients it needs. However, depending on the specific climate and your own yard, this schedule may be flexible. It’s important that you understand the needs of your lawn so that you can really prioritize its health. If your goal is a beautiful, healthy yard, then proper fertilization is the key.

Contact The Professionals For Spring Fertilization Services

Aerations Plus takes all of these considerations out of the equation for you. You don’t need to be running tests on your own to figure out what nutrients your soil needs. You don’t need to do a lot of physical labor to keep your yard healthy. You don’t even need to make all the decisions alone. At Aerations Plus, we are the experts in Los Angeles lawn care. We understand how to work with the climate and help your yard be at its best. But we won’t just completely take over. Our lawn fertilization services include consulting with you to figure out your goals for your lawn and how we can work together to achieve them. You’re in charge; we just help out with the implementation. Call Aerations Plus today to learn more about our lawn fertilization in Los Angeles.

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