How To Decide Which Soil Amendment Is Right For Your Los Angeles Lawn

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Getting the best Los Angeles lawn requires a lot of planning and work. You need extensive knowledge of soil amendments, pH, lawn textures, and maintenance techniques. Do everything right and your lawn will be beautiful. Otherwise, you may find yourself frustrated that all your efforts and expenses only result in an average lawn. The key to understanding what needs to be done is knowledge.

Aerations Plus Inc professionals know all about lawncare spraying in Los Angeles, and we can help you learn how to get the lawn you want. Call us today for help.

The Most Common Soil Amendments For Los Angeles Lawns

Several types of soil amendments can be used to improve lawn health. Here are some of them:

  • Organic matter: This is used to ‘bulk’ your soil and allow air, water, and nutrients in.
  • Lime: Lime can raise your soil’s pH and allow grass to absorb fertilizers better.
  • Sulfur: Sulfur can bring soil into balance by slowly lowering pH over time.
  • Fertilizers: The most common soil amendments - they provide more nutrition for grass.

Soil amendments, taken as a whole, allow you to balance your soil and make it optimal for grass to grow. This is a good thing. Unfortunately, optimizing soil takes considerable knowledge and experience. Rather than trying to go it alone, contact Aerations Plus Inc. Our seasoned technicians understand the nuances of growing a great lawn, and we can help you with soil amending.

Understanding The Balance Of PH And Texture Of Your Soil

There are two main determinants of soil quality. The first is the actual texture of your soil, and the other is soil pH.

Texture: All soil is compromised of a mix of sand, silt, and clay. Different regions have different soil textures, which can affect the growth rates of anything planted. A solid understanding of your soil’s texture is critical if you want the best lawn.

pH: This is a measure of how acidic or alkaline your soil is. Lawns prefer slightly acidic to neutral pH. If your soil is outside of this range, you will need to use soil amendments to adjust your soil’s pH to a range that grass likes. 

Aerations Plus Inc has a long history of optimizing soil to encourage great lawns. Get in touch with us today to discuss our proven, science-based approaches. Soil amendments in Los Angeles can seem complex and discouraging to homeowners, but not when you have us on your side. 

The Many Benefits Of Soil Amendments

What is soil amendment? Simply, it’s balancing your lawn in different ways to make it a perfect place for grass to grow. Balancing your soil helps to give it the best density so that it can absorb water and fertilizer, and allows grass roots to develop and grow better. Lime and sulfur can either raise or lower your soil’s pH to the level that grass likes best, encouraging better growth. Fertilizers provide more and better nutrients for your grass so that it can grow thick and green. 

Aerations Plus Inc professionals have the skill and experience you need to figure out what your lawn needs, and then amend your soil properly. Call us today to get help making your lawn strong, healthy, and attractive. 

Contact Us For Assistance When Deciding On Soil Amendments

Aerations Plus Inc can help you get the lawn you want, without all of the stress of DIY techniques. Drop us a line today, and let us partner with you to make your lawn great. We know the best soil amendments and techniques, and we can help.

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