How To Choose The Right Irrigation System For Your Los Angeles Lawn

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When it comes to the appearance of your Los Angeles lawn, it's just as important as the look of your home. You could have the most beautiful house on the block, but if your lawn isn't in tip-top shape, it can really reflect on its overall look and value. However, basic lawn maintenance can be quite difficult with the constant sun and heat that come with Los Angeles weather, and that is why so many homeowners install irrigation systems for their lawns.

Finding the right irrigation system for your lawn can be quite difficult. In this blog, we review the different types of irrigation systems you might want to install, why they offer different benefits, and how to properly identify the water needs of your lawn. Finally, we explain why getting an irrigation system is important for top-notch Los Angeles lawn care.

The Different Types Of Irrigation Systems

Watering your lawn can take up a significant amount of your time, especially during the summer. Time spent on your lawn and garden also depends on the size of your yard and how much grass and plants you have. Thankfully irrigation systems can help you steal back a little more of your time by doing the job for you. Some different options for irrigation systems include:

  • Drip Irrigation
  • Sprinklers
  • Center Pivot Irrigation
  • Localized Irrigation
  • Lateral Move Irrigation
  • Sub Irrigation
  • Manual Irrigation

To determine which type of irrigation system is best for you, you may want to meet with a professional lawn and landscaping company. A landscaping company, such as Aerations Plus, can assess the correct amount of watering your plants and lawn need and determine how to best achieve that.

Different Irrigation Systems Offer Different Benefits

Each irrigation system offers its unique set of benefits and can sometimes work better by simultaneously using several types of irrigation systems. For example, localized irrigation supplies water to each plant via a network of pipes to ensure that each plant gets a specific amount of water. On the other hand, sprinkler irrigation requires high-pressure sprinklers to water a central location. Sprinkler irrigation can only reach so far with its supply of water overhead. Center pivot irrigation also utilizes a sprinkler but denotes that the sprinkler system moves in a circular pattern.

Drip irrigation is a popular system used by farmers. This system delivers drops of water to the roots of the plants, and while it requires much more work, it can ensure a really healthy and happy vegetable garden. Sub-irrigation uses a system of pumping station gates, canals, and ditches. 

How To Identify Your Lawn's Water Needs

A simple way to identify if your lawn needs watering is if it looks a bit duller in color. Sometimes grass can even take on a grayish-brown appearance. If you find that your lawn is not as lush and vibrant green as it could be, it's usually a sign that it's not getting enough water. 

It can be overwhelming to know exactly which irrigation system will be best for your lawn. Thankfully, our job at Aerations Plus is to access that for you! 

Aerations Plus Is Here To Help You Make The Right Decision

Here at Aerations Plus, we take great pride in helping people achieve the beautiful lawns they crave. With a quick assessment of your lawn and your lawn desires, we can help bring your home back to life.

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