How To Add Tasteful Lighting To The Landscape Of Your Los Angeles Home

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Who doesn’t love an evening garden event? But in order to spend time outside in your yard after sundown, you need good lighting. Whether you’re hosting a garden party or just trying to walk through your yard at night, you and your guests should be able to see. Aerations Plus’s Los Angeles lawn care includes landscape lighting that will highlight everything you love about your yard. 

The Different Types Of Landscape Lighting

There are many different types of outdoor landscape lights that can be used in a yard, and they each have different functions.

  • Spotlights only point in one direction. They can be used to illuminate specific items, such as plants or statues, and can face either up or down.
  • Floodlights brighten large areas. They are often placed above driveways, patios, and pathways in order to illuminate specific spaces. 
  • Step lights are installed on steps or the walls next to them. These are often important for safety reasons, as they allow outdoor stairs to be lit.
  • Garden lights illuminate down and out. They are often used to highlight plants or are placed along walkways. 
  • Bollard lights are the only style that lights in every direction. There aren’t any shields or covers over the lights, making them ideal for pathways or other outdoor spaces that require brightening. 
  • String lights provide subtle illumination and can be used to light gathering spaces, such as patios. 

The experts at Aeration Plus can help you determine the lights that work best with your outdoor spaces. 

The Benefits Of Beautiful Landscape Lighting

There are many perks to landscape lighting. Safety is one important aspect. Lights along pathways, driveways, steps, and other areas of the yard increase visibility and make it safer to spend time outdoors. 

Light installations also improve outdoor evening events. Whether you’re hosting a garden party or an outdoor game night, a well-lit yard takes the night to the next level. 

Landscape lighting can also be used to highlight specific landscape design choices, such as plants or statues. This shows off the things that make your yard beautiful. Landscape lighting improves curb appeal and property value. Your yard will look nicer and be safer with a lighting setup. 

How To Decide On The Right Lighting Plan For Your Landscape

The right lights depend completely on your goals and the layout of your yard. You may want to walk around your yard and decide what you need. Do you want to host parties? Highlight landscaping and yard decor? Does it need to be safer to walk around?

When installing landscape lighting, you also need to consider what your yard looks like. Some types of lights work better in certain areas than others do. For example, string lights need somewhere to hang. Take a look at your yard and see where you need lights and what lighting style will fit best.

Properly Installing Landscape Lighting On Your Property

Landscape lighting might not seem like an intense do-it-yourself project. After all, they sell garden lights and extension cords at hardware stores, right? But permanent fixes should be installed by landscaping professionals. Step lights, for example, are built into stairs or walls, which takes extra care. If your yard is on the larger side or you want more in-depth lighting, it can be a lot of work on your own. Plus, at-home electrical work can become dangerous. 

That’s why Aerations Plus offers landscape lighting services. We’ll help you make decisions about the lighting you need, from the fixtures to the layout. We’ll also install everything for you so that you can have the yard of your dream. Call Aerations Plus today to learn more about how your yard can look its best. We’ll lighten the load of lighting your yard. 

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