How Can I Control The Weeds In My Los Angeles Yard?

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A lush, well-manicured lawn can be a joy and a well-deserved point of pride to a homeowner or an endless money drain that makes you want to never leave your home by the front door. In our hot and drought-prone climate, keeping up a healthy lawn filled with luscious thick grass is not easy, and having to keep weeds from overtaking the grass doesn't help the situation.

Weeds, over the millennia, have developed through natural selection to survive droughts, displace nearby plants in a struggle for nutrients and sunlight, and in general, be tough as weeds. On the other hand, the grass we plant on our lawns has been developed with the single purpose of mind-making your lawn look good.

In a battle between weeds and lawn grass, lawn grass will lose and lose fast. 

Let's take a look at how you can identify weeds invading your lawn, why you can't give them time to spread and should get rid of them immediately, how to get rid of weeds, and where to find reliable lawncare services in Los Angeles if your DIY weed control efforts don't bear fruit.

How Do I Identify A Weed?

Weeds invading your lawn can be split into four classes based on their visual characteristics:

  • Flowering weeds: Dandelions, clovers, clovers, deadnettle, wild violet, and other weeds that produce
  • Leafy weeds: Ragweed, thistle, groundsel, knotweed, ground ivy-weeds with big, leafy leaves
  • Creeping weeds: Poison and Japanese ivy, Virginia creepy, ground ivy weeds that stretch their growth along the ground instead of up.
  • Grass-like weeds: Crabgrass, goosegrass, wild garlic, bluegrass.

With dozens of types of weeds capable of popping up on your lawn, the best way to identify them is to visually compare their characteristics to the type of grass you've planted on your lawn. A professional lawn maintenance specialist can fall back on relying on their experience of identifying a specific weed type, but for a DIYer, the best approach is to assume that everything that does not look like lawn grass is a weed that needs to be shown the door from your lawn.

At Aerations Plus, we've got years of experience keeping Los Angeles lawns weed-free and would love to give you a hand with your property.

How Much Damage Can Weeds Do To My Lawn?

Being a capable survivor, out-of-control weeds will quickly overtake and displace the grass on your lawn. Like all other plants, weeds compete for access to sun, water, and nutrients and are much more capable than the grass of succeeding in this struggle. Lawn grass growing on the weed-dominated lawn is usually starving for phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium and is ripe for disease outbreaks and insect infestations.

Why Can't I Keep The Weeds Out Of My Yard?

The same characteristics that allow weeds to quickly take over your lawn make it hard to make them move once they're entrenched in front of your house. Weeds are fast and robust growers, have deep roots that are likely to resprout if cut and their seeds germinate fast and in conditions that will suppress the germination of lawn grass. Add that to the fact that weeds in early growth stages are hard to differentiate from grass, and by the time you've spotted them, their root system is usually fully developed. It's easy to see why weeds are a nightmare for Los Angeles homeowners.

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of The Weeds In My Lawn For Good?

For a homeowner, the best (and least likely to damage your lawn) approach to rid your lawn of weeds is to have a lawn maintenance service professional with experience in identifying weeds on sight to put an eye on your lawn.

At Aerations Plus, we've been keeping Los Angeles lawns weed-free for more than 25 years and have the tools and experience to bring your lawn to its former glory in no time. If weeds are taking over your beautiful lawn, give us a call today and get started on our weed control services in Los Angeles.

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