Getting Your Los Angeles Lawn The Right Amount Of Water

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Why is it so hard to keep Los Angeles lawns lush and green? Are you watching your green lawn turn into a brown and unsightly mess? Join us today as we examine why Los Angeles lawns need the right amount of water to thrive. We will also offer up essential insights regarding irrigation systems and lawn irrigation services. Aeration Plus is a premier provider of lawn care in Los Angeles. We also install and repair sprinkler systems. We are your local area experts. If you have questions about residential or commercial irrigation services, we have the answers. Feel free to navigate to our contact page and reach out to us if you'd like to speak with someone directly about your lawn care or irrigation needs. With that said, let's get into our topic for today. Here's what you need to know about lawn irrigation in Los Angeles.

The California Climate Can Be Hard On Your Lawn

Lawns have a high moisture requirement and need lots of water to stay healthy and vibrant. If your lawn doesn't get the water it needs, you'll know it. The grass blades will turn brown and die. Southern California is plagued with issues of drought and dry winters. These deprive lawns of the moisture they need to stay strong. Fortunately, there is a solution. Installation of proper irrigation in Los Angeles can help you use the limited water you have in the correct amount required. An irrigation system can also help you cut down on water to save money when you have more than enough water available. In both cases, it pays to install a system that regulates your water usage.

The Importance Of The Right Amount Of Water For Your Lawn

Certain grass types need more water than others. Most Los Angeles residents get lawn grass made for warm regions, such as Bermuda, St. Augustine, or Zoysia. But, even if you have warm-season grass that is drought-resistant, you need to make sure to provide the right amount of water. These grass types may still deal with drought in our area. But overwatering is also bad. Overwatering can invite diseases that attack turfgrass, and a damp lawn can invite a lawn pest problem.

How The Right Irrigation System Makes Watering Your Lawn Easier

If you get an irrigation system that runs on a timer, you don't have to think about your lawn watering. That is one of the chief benefits of a professionally installed irrigation system. It also pays to get irrigation design services. Not all irrigation systems are created equal. The system that works best is one that gets the right amount of water where you need it and provides the water in a way that reduces loss through evaporation. The most efficient lawn irrigation system we've found is a drip system. Drip irrigation has small emitters on the hoses. These emitters release drips of water exactly where you want them. Since the water comes out slowly, it is able to soak into the ground more efficiently, allowing it to get deep into the soil to the roots of your turfgrass. Water does not sit on your grass and get evaporated, and that saves you money. 

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