Getting The Weeds In Your Los Angeles Lawn Out By The Roots

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Lawn weed control is a widespread problem for homeowners. While they can be hard to tell apart, not all weeds are the same, and different weeds require different treatments. Managing all of your lawn care needs on your own can be next to impossible, especially if you have a large yard or several different types of weeds. If you find yourself in need of lawn care in Los Angeles, the best thing you can do is contact Aerations Plus. We offer the best weed control for lawns in the Los Angeles area. But first, let’s look at some common types of weeds you might encounter.

Common Types Of Weeds Found In Los Angeles Lawns

Three common kinds of weeds you may find in your lawn include chickweeds, dandelions, and poison oak. Common chickweed plants usually have forked stems with oval-shaped, pointed leaves. Small white flowers bloom in clusters at the end of the stems. Dandelions grow year-round in California, except in the coldest mountain areas. Dandelions have strong roots that usually go about 6 to 18 inches deep. The roots can easily regenerate new stalks from sections as short as one inch. The leaves are clustered at the base of the plant. The stalks range from 6 to 24 inches in length and end in a yellow flower. Poison oak is found all across the state of California, ranging from British Columbia to the Baja Peninsula. It grows in a wide variety of environments, including coasts, forests, brushlands, parks, and gardens. Despite its name, poison oak is not actually an oak. In sunlight, it grows as dense shrubbery that ranges from one to six feet high, and in the shade, it grows as a vine and can reach up to 75 feet high, supporting itself on trees, vegetation, and other upright objects.

The Damage Weeds Can Wreak On Your Lawn

Let’s examine the importance of weed control for lawns in Los Angeles by discussing the impact that the above weeds can have on your property. Chickweed produces large numbers of seeds in cool temperatures, enabling it to rapidly colonize cool, moist areas and prevent grass or useful crops from growing. Common chickweed can also be a host to insect pests and viruses. Dandelions can form a dense mat of leaves, crowding out desired species and making your yard unsightly. They may also attract bees, which can cause problems for children or people with allergies. Poison is related to poison ivy and poison sumac, all of which cause contact dermatitis, an itchy rash that can be extremely uncomfortable and persist for as long as two to four weeks. 

It Can Be Difficult To Get Rid Of Weeds On Your Own

Controlling lawn weeds on your own can be a major headache. Some weeds, like chickweeds, can be difficult to identify. Others, like dandelions, spread so quickly that there is little you can do to stop them once they take root. And some, like poison oak, are poisonous to the touch and can cause allergic reactions and painful rashes. Some weeds are most effectively treated before they fully emerge, and some need to be treated after they have already sprouted. There are, however, a few things you can do to help protect your lawn from weeds: 

  • Hand weeding can be effective for getting rid of chickweed if done early.
  • Organic mulch can prevent some weeds from spreading.
  • Dandelions should be weeded out individually and uprooted completely before they spread. A dandelion knife or other special tool may help.
  • Poison oak can be removed by mechanical or hand pulling, though this should not be done by someone with an allergy. 
  • Maintaining a healthy cover of vegetation can help to control poison oak when it is young.

Despite your best attempts to prevent these and other weeds, you may find yourself with an infestation you can’t root out. At that point, the best thing you can do is contact a professional lawn treatment service in Los Angeles.

You Have Better Things To Do Than Worry About Weeds

Being a homeowner is hard work. There’s always something that needs fixing and never enough time to do it all. Let our professional team at Aerations Plus handle your lawn care needs and give you one less thing to worry about. We are locally owned and operated and have over 25 years of experience in the lawn care industry. Our experienced technicians pride themselves on customer service, and we offer free lawn consultations and evaluations. Contact Aerations Plus, the best lawn treatment service in the Los Angeles area, today!

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