Dry Seed Vs Hydroseed: Which Is Better For Your Los Angeles Lawn?

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Enjoying a vibrantly green Los Angeles lawn is the (or one of the) California lifestyle dreams. The good news is that through proper seeding and maintenance, a dream lawn is possible! Nonetheless, the regular lack of rain and dry weather can make this difficult to achieve. This is where hydroseeding comes in.

Hydroseeding is a great way to achieve a beautiful lawn through an all-in-one method that delivers important fertilizer and mulch along with the seed and water. This promotes your lawn’s growth, health, and vigor. If you are thinking about seeding your Los Angeles lawn, keep reading to learn more about this method and how it compares to dry seeding. Learn more about lawn care in Los Angeles and get a free quote with Aerations Plus.

The Difference Between Dry Seeding And Hydroseeding

The traditional ways of seeding a lawn are through dry seed and sod. However, hydroseeding in Los Angeles is more effective and affordable. In the recent past, hydroseeding was reserved for commercial projects, difficult slopes, or very large lawns. Currently, companies like Aerations Plus have adopted this innovative method to seed residential yards, yielding greener, healthier, and more affordable lawns.

Unlike applying dry seed, where the seed, fertilizer, mulch, and other ingredients are added one by one, and the entire area is watered at the end, hydroseeding is a method where a sprayer is used to spread grass seed, water, fertilizer, mulch at once through a single nozzle. This is done by hydroseeding companies. This method ensures that the seeds are spaced evenly throughout the area and that the proper nutrients and water are where they need to be. Within three to six weeks, you will see healthy, sprouted, and vibrant grass. 

When And Why To Opt For Dormant Seeding

You may have heard about dormant seeding, but what exactly is it? Dormant seeding is a technique in which lawns are overseeded during the late fall and winter when soil temperatures are too cold for the grass seed to germinate. They will remain dormant until the spring, at which point they will germinate and sprout.

Dormant seeding works best if you are reseeding bare soil patches or you want to thicken a lawn. If done properly, by mid-April, you should be able to see the sprouts, which can begin a fertilization program in May. Contact Aerations Plus, a hydroseeding company in Los Angeles, for more information about this service! 

The Benefits Of Hydroseeding

There are many benefits to hydroseeding your lawn, especially in Los Angeles and Southern California. Having to water less is one of the biggest benefits, as it helps you save money and water, a precious resource – especially in California!

The following are some of the benefits of hydroseeding:

  • Cost-effective: Hydroseeding is more cost-effective than conventional methods, as it reduces material and labor costs. 
  • Erosion control: Hydroseed retains moisture and protects against erosion from rain, wind, and pests. 
  • High quality: Hydroseeding a lawn produces deeper, stronger roots that can fight off weeds and pests. It also helps with aeration.
  • Time efficient: Hydroseeding takes less time than dry seeding. Within three to six weeks, you should be able to see sprouted green grass that is ready to be enjoyed.

The benefits listed above are waiting for you. Get started with a free hydroseeding service quote for your Los Angeles lawn.

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