Common Myths About Lawn Dethatching In Los Angeles

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Thatch is the layer of dead grass, organic matter, and other debris that sits between grass blades and the top of the soil's surface. Dethatching effectively removes excess thatch so nutrients, air, and water can reach the soil and be absorbed. 

If your grass isn't as green and lush as it used to be, or if it's becoming more vulnerable to dry patches and diseases, it may be time for your lawn to undergo a complete dethatching. 

A quick and easy trick to tell when to dethatch your lawn is if you have difficulty inserting a screwdriver. Unfortunately, many myths about dethatching can complicate your decision on whether or not you should implement this lawn care method.

The good news is that you can access the best lawn care and landscaping services at Aerations Plus. We provide lawn care spraying in Los Angeles, dethatching, and other services that promote the overall health of your lawn. If you believe your lawn can benefit from dethatching but aren't sure where to start or what to believe, here are some myths about this lawn care method you should consider.

Myth: You Don't Need To Dethatch Your Lawn

This particular myth comes with conditions. Even healthy grass has thatch, but all thatch isn't harmful thatch. You only need to dethatch your lawn when the thatch layer becomes so thick that water and air can't reach the soil and grassroots.

If thatch is less than a half-inch thick, dethatching isn't necessary. To determine the thickness of the thatch, dig a small hole through the grass to the soil's surface using your finger or a stick. You'll see the different layers of your lawn, which is when you should measure the thatch's thickness. The lawn pros at Aeration plus can help you determine if lawn dethatching is necessary for your lawn.

Myth: Dethatching A Lawn Destroys Grass

Dethatching a lawn will not destroy your grass, but it is important to do it at the right time. When your grass is vigorously growing, and the soil is somewhat moist, it is the ideal time to dethatch it. That would be early spring or early fall for cool-season grasses. Dethatch warm-season grasses from late spring until early summer. Remember to do this only after the second mowing, when your grass is growing the fastest.

Let Aerations Plus be your guide to properly and effectively restoring life into your yard with dethatching lawn treatment services. Knowing when and how to dethatch your lawn is of great importance, and finding the right company to implement the proper treatment can mean the difference between a dry and diseased lawn and a lush, healthy lawn. Call us today to get started.

Myth: Dethatching Is The Same As Raking And Weeding

Dethatching is a lawn treatment that helps with weed control for lawns. It goes much further than typicaly raking and weeding, and the removal of lawn debris makes it easier for water and air to reach the soil's surface. You can use specific tools to dethatch a lawn, and one is called a dethatching rake. So, to say that dethatching is the same as raking and weeding is a myth when indeed, one is a dethatching tool (the rake) and one is the reason for a dethatching tool (weeds).

Fact: Aerations Plus Offers Top-Notch Dethatching Services

You can ensure that your grass grows healthy, thick, and lush by learning why, when, and how to dethatch and properly take preventative action against thatch. Aerations Plus is dedicated to giving your Los Angeles property the best lawn care and landscaping services. To begin enjoying a lovely, healthy lawn you can be proud to own, get in touch with us for your free lawn evaluation.

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