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Living on the West Coast in Los Angeles is spectacular. Known as one of California's largest cities, it's not unusual to rub shoulders with some famous people while strolling down famous sidewalks and stopping at swanky shops and restaurants. In this area of the world of glitz and glamour, having a nice-looking lawn is essential. Without lawn care services in Los Angeles, area lawns may look tired and drab.

When To Aerate Your Lawn In Los Angeles

Lawn maintenance can seem like a never-ending job. Seemingly healthy lawns experience conditions people sometimes have no control over, like weather, common pests, and even people. Lawn soil naturally has pockets of air that allow water and nutrients to flow down to the roots of grasses, keeping them healthy. When dirt gets compacted (pressed together tightly into a solid mass), it will negatively affect the growth and health of grasses. Aerating is a process where holes are inserted into the soil to allow oxygen, nutrients, and water to soak into the ground, bolstering healthy roots and growth. The best time to aerate lawns is either spring or fall when your lawn is actively growing. To help property owners determine when they should aerate their lawns, it's essential to use an experienced lawn provider like Aerations Plus to advise and provide quality lawn care services that can restore lawns to their pristine conditions.

Why It's Beneficial To Aerate Your Lawn

The aeration process pierces the soil to remove a 2-to-3-inch core (like an apple core) of dirt from the ground. The plugs stay on the top of the earth to decompose while the holes left behind gradually fill back up. This process does many things to benefit the health of your soil and keep lawns lush.

Five benefits of lawn aeration include the following:

  1. It lessens and helps relieve soil compaction.
  2. It stimulates new turf growth and supports healthy and deep roots.
  3. It cuts down on weeds and helps manage thatch buildup.
  4. It protects against disease and insect problems.
  5. It enables the effectiveness of fertilizers and lawn control products.

Aeration is often one of the best ways to keep your lawns looking incredible. Property owners who use local lawn services offered by Aerations Plus can rest assured that their lawns are in good hands; whether you need lawn or landscaping help, we can handle it all.

The Hassles With DIY Lawn Aeration

With the costs of everything going up these days, handling lawn aeration yourself can get mighty tempting. Still, do-it-yourself aeration comes with many hassles.

Five hassles associated with DIY lawn aeration include:

  1. You have to research and decide how to aerate and obtain special equipment.
  2. Supplies and equipment (whether renting or buying) are costly.
  3. Aeration is time-consuming and will require a lot of your free time.
  4. If you misdiagnose your lawn issue, you could treat your lawn improperly and cause further damage.
  5. You can spend your time and money and still have a sad-looking property.

Aerations Plus uses top-of-the-line equipment, knowledge, and expertise to help property owners solve their lawn and landscaping problems. Our local lawn care services give property owners peace of mind, knowing that their lawns will get professionally restored to their healthy and lush condition.

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When it comes to lawn and landscaping services in Los Angeles, industry experience is vital. Aerations Plus has over 25 years of experience in the lawn care trade. Our locally owned and operated company provides our customers with superior lawn care services, expertly trained technicians, and high-quality results. Our aerating and lawn care services can help you save money, water your lawn less, and reap the benefits of a healthy and robust property. Put the care of your lawn into hands you can trust; call Aerations Plus today to receive a free estimate and to get started on our Los Angeles lawn aeration services today!

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