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Your lawn can add a lot of benefits to your life. It can also be an eyesore. The thing that will determine which of these things is true is how much effort is put into caring for it. Some people put in the bare minimum effort of mowing their grass once a week. This may be enough lawn care to satisfy their needs. We believe that much more effort is required to achieve a beautiful lawn. To help you find and maintain your dream lawn, take some time today to learn about aeration in Los Angeles. For direct information about our other offerings, like irrigation services in Los Angeles, call our team at Aerations Plus. We will find exactly what your lawn needs to get and stay healthy and beautiful. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of aeration. 

Aeration Vs. Dethatching: Understanding The Difference And Benefits

There are many conditions that can negatively impact your lawn. Some common conditions are disease, weed growth, thatch, and dense soil. These all cause problems in different ways and require different methods to address them. To address thatch build-up you can utilize our dethatching service. This will remove the top level of organic matter build-up and support the health of your grass. If your yard has dense soil and thatch build-up, a better option is aeration. This process takes small holes out of lawns and allows for thatch and soil to separate and break down. Aeration is the core of our business for a good reason. It works, and it works well. 

When And How Often to Aerate Your Lawn For Optimal Results

Aeration is needed when soil becomes compacted. This happens most frequently in areas where there is heavy foot traffic. If you have small children that play outdoors regularly, aeration will be required once every one to two years for optimal effectiveness. If you rarely spend time out in your yard, you may need this service once every three to five years. The only way to know for certain if your property currently needs aeration is to bring in our team. We will check your soil and let you know if this, or any of our other services, is right for you.

The Benefits Of Lawn Aeration For A Healthy And Beautiful Lawn

Before we talk more about our lawn care, we think you should know exactly why you should invest in lawn aeration. It is simple. Impacted soil and thick thatch prevent nutrients and moisture from getting to the roots of your grass. Aeration creates temporary holes that allow for these necessities to get directly to root systems. The holes will then slowly disappear, helping the soil around them to loosen up, allowing for a more steady pathway for nutrients and moisture. Long story short, if your grass is wilting, discolored, or otherwise in bad shape, aerating your lawn might be the right thing to do.

Maximize Nutrient Absorption with Professional Aeration Services

If your lawn isn’t where you want it to be, let us know. We are not just a lawn aeration company. We are a provider that offers many beneficial lawn care services. These services include irrigation system installation, weed control, fertilization, soil amendments, sod installation, and many more helpful options. Let us pay you a visit to find out which of these services will be best for your grass and landscaping.

Contact our team at Aerations Plus to discover more about our advanced offerings and find out if lawn aerating is what you need to have your dream property in Los Angeles. 

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