Are You Struggling To Keep Weeds From Taking Over Your Los Angeles Yard?

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We all want a beautiful green lawn and know it can be a lot of work. Weed control is one of many issues that impact Los Angeles lawn care. While it often seems like nothing can grow in our hot, dry area, some weeds can thrive in these conditions. A weed control company can help you identify problem weeds and determine the best solution. 

If you struggle with controlling weeds, you have come to the right place. We understand that dealing with weeds can be challenging, and we're here to help. Whether you need help with problem weeds or other lawn care in Los Angeles, Aerations Plus can help. Read on to learn more about problem weeds in our area and what you can do about them.

How To Tell What Kind Of Weeds You Are Dealing With

Controlling weeds is sometimes simple; pull them out, and that is the end of them. Other weeds can take over a lawn if we don't properly remove them. The following list explains the most common invasive weeds in our area:

  • Bermuda grass: Has a coarse texture and aboveground roots.
  • Nutgrass: Bright yellow shiny leaves with a distinctive center rib forming a V shape.
  • Wood sorrel: Stalks grow at a sharp angle from the main stalk and resemble shamrocks.
  • Field bindweed: Arrow-shaped leaves that produce trumpet-shaped flowers.

If any of these weeds have spread throughout your landscape, professional weed control is usually the only option for removal that won't harm the grass and plants you want to keep.

If you struggle to identify the weeds on your lawn, a weed control company like Aerations Plus can help.

What Causes Brown Spots And Weeds In Los Angeles?

Brown spots and weeds are common sights on Los Angeles lawns. Companies that provide lawn maintenance services near you can help you determine the cause if you aren't sure. Here are some of the most common reasons for these issues:

  • Problems with your soil, such as excessive nitrogen, can create issues; testing soil ph and nutrient levels can help determine what you need to adjust.
  • High heat can create brown spots, and some weeds thrive under these conditions.
  • Too much thatch on your lawn can prevent healthy growth.
  • Poil soil drainage and compacted soil can also create unhealthy conditions.

Lawn care in our area requires a delicate balance. Teaming up with a company like Aerations Plus that offers professional weed control and lawn care can make all the difference.

 DIY Weed Control Can Be Harder Than It Seems!

DIY weed control seems like it would be easy. You see something that isn't grass and pull it up, right? Unfortunately, it is often a lot harder than that. Some types of weeds, like wood sorrel, form complex root systems. Others, like Bermuda grass, may quickly spread over the lawn, making removal difficult.

Weed treatments need to target the specific weed you have while being safe for the grass and plants in the area. If you need assistance dealing with the weeds in your yard, a company that offers lawn maintenance services near you, like Aerations Plus, can help.

Let's Get Rid Of Those Weeds For Good With Aerations Plus

If lawn care were simple, lawn care companies would not exist. We understand the challenges of growing a healthy, full lawn in Los Angeles, and controlling weeds is just one step.

At Aerations Plus, our lawn care services can handle your needs, such as testing soil ph, handling problematic weeds, sod installations, and more. Contact us today for your free estimate so we can help to transform your lawn.

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