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Whether you're planning to get an irrigation system for your Los Angeles home or your business, it pays to speak to a professional about lawn irrigation services. A professional can guide you toward the right system for your needs and answer questions you may not even know you have. Aeration Plus provides essential residential and commercial irrigation services, and our service team has the experience to help you get the results you want. Jump to our contact page and connect with us. We can guide you through the process from start to finish. If you just want to learn a little more about lawn care and spraying in Los Angeles, read on. We have some great insights and tips to share with you today. 

What Are Common Irrigation Systems For Los Angeles Properties?

An irrigation system is made up of many PVC pipes running underground. The water flows through the lines and comes out of the sprinkler heads. The amount of water is controlled by a timer that turns the valves on and off. The difference between irrigation systems is mostly found in what sprinkler heads are used.

  • Pop-up heads sit in the ground and come up during watering.
  • Rotor heads rotate and spread water across a large zone and provide time for the moisture to sink into the ground.
  • Sprays are fixed and get the area in front of the head. 

You may also have sprinkler heads designed for applying water to your ornamental plants and shrubs. These will sit high enough to get the water where you need it.

Drip irrigation is the most efficient and accurate method. There are no heads. Instead, this irrigation system has emitters near the ground that provide drips of water where you need them. Since the water source is a controlled drip, topsoil isn't eroded and water isn't lost through evaporation.   

Why Is Irrigation So Important In Los Angeles?

Drought is a constant issue in Southern California. Our lawns can get dry and brown if left unwatered. Applying water to keep your lawn healthy is also a challenge due to water regulations. An irrigation system helps you cut down on water use, get the level of irrigation you need, and keep your water bill low. So, whether you have access to plenty of water or water is limited, the right irrigation system can help.

Is A Professionally Installed Irrigation System Worth It?

It pays to get irrigation design services. A professional will direct you to a system that will provide the best results for the least amount of money. While you can place sprinklers on your lawn and turn them on as needed, or use a handheld nozzle to water your lawn, these require work, and you'll likely use more water than you need. An irrigation system allows you to focus on the things in life that matter to you and frees you up from having to deal with watering your lawn after a long day at the office. But it is so much more. It gets the job done better and saves you money in the process.   

Who To Call For Quality Irrigation Installation Services

Are you looking for an irrigation company in Los Angeles? Consider contacting Aeration Plus for assistance. We'll guide you toward the right sprinkler system for your specific lawn care and landscaping needs. We install sprays, rotors, and drips. We also repair sprinkler systems. When you need irrigation services, we're the company to call. Reach out to us today for service. We can help!

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