Are You Having Problems With The Sprinklers In Your Los Angeles Lawn?

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If you’ve been an Angeleno for a while, you’re probably aware that many people use sprinkler systems in their yards to keep their grass vibrant, lush, and green. But what happens when the lawncare spraying in Los Angeles stops spraying? You could try to DIY a solution — or you could call in the professional lawn care technicians from Aerations Plus to help.

The Benefits Of Having Working Sprinklers

A working sprinkler system has many benefits, including:

  • Helping your yard stay beautiful and springy
  • Letting you have the pleasure of walking barefoot through healthy grass 
  • Saving you the time you would have spent watering your yard with a garden hose
  • Keeping more money in your pocket via savings on your water bill
  • Reducing the amount of water that’s wasted in watering your lawn
  • Regulating the amount of water used in your yard
  • Adding to your home’s value if you want or need to move
  • Taking the guesswork out of how much water your yard needs at any given time
  • Optimizing your watering schedule by watering early in the morning
  • Preserving your topsoil and the nutrients it feeds to your grass

If your sprinkler system breaks down, though, you lose all those benefits. That’s why, when things go haywire, you need to call the professional technicians at Aerations Plus for sprinkler system repairs near you. 

Sprinkler System Problems You Can Expect To Encounter In Los Angeles

There are many common sprinkler system problems you can expect to have to deal with, including:

  • The controller isn’t working correctly because it’s been turned off, its battery has run out, or there’s an electrical issue.
  • A sprinkler is leaking because of a clog in the sprinkler head, filter, or valve.
  • The zone system isn’t operating in all zones, likely due to an electrical problem.
  • A sprinkler head is cracked, chipped, or broken from mowing over it or water freezing in the connected pipe.
  • The water pressure is low, which is usually caused by a leak somewhere in the system.
  • A sprinkler is making a high-pitched screeching noise from water spraying through a crack.
  • The sprinklers are spraying mist because the water pressure is too high.

While you might be tempted to try to repair these issues on your own, that can become more costly if you can’t do the sprinkler systems repair correctly and break it even more.

Should You Attempt DIY Repairs On Your Sprinkler System?

If your lawn isn’t looking its best, you may be tempted to try DIY repairs. After all, you’re pretty handy around the house, so why not try to fix your sprinkler system? You don’t need a sprinkler repair service, right?

Wrong. It’s hard to figure out exactly what the issue is with a sprinkler system. You may have to dig several feet into the ground to access pipes. It’s very, very easy to cause more damage by trying to fix things yourself. 

Sprinkler system repair in Los Angeles should be left to the professionals, like the technicians at Aerations Plus. We’ve been in the business of lawn care for more than 25 years and have the experience and know-how to diagnose and fix your sprinkler system.

Let Aerations Plus Handle Your Sprinkler Repairs

Aerations Plus is a sprinkler service company, in addition to all our other services. We’re the professional lawn care specialists you need to fix your sprinkler system and take care of all your other landscaping needs. Contact us today to get a free estimate on how much it would cost to repair your sprinkler system in Los Angeles.

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