Aeration: What Every Los Angeles Lawn Owner Ought To Know

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Are you a homeowner in the Los Angeles area with a lawn lacking vibrancy or developing unwanted bare patches? In many cases, property owners that adhere to a regular lawn watering and fertilizing plan will still need better results. One common problem that plagues residents of Southern California is compacted soil, which limits the passage and absorption of the water, air, and various nutrients that a healthy lawn needs. 

When the soil beneath your lawn is excessively compact, the grass becomes increasingly susceptible to damage when exposed to harsh conditions. For example, when you experience periods of excessive heat or prolonged drought, the grass typically loses much of its healthy color and becomes thin. 

Are you seeking a professional company for residential lawn aeration services near you? When it comes to lawn care in Los Angeles, consider choosing an experienced, full-service provider like Aerations Plus. Read on to learn more about lawn aeration in Los Angeles.

What Aeration Does For Your Lawn

What are some of the primary benefits of having a properly aerated lawn? The lawn aeration process helps improve the health and appearance of your lawn in the following ways:

  • Lawn aeration is a common solution for yards where pools of standing water develop from runoff that should absorb into the soil beneath. 
  • The processes of seeding and fertilizing are usually more effective after lawn aeration because the seeds and nutrients have more direct exposure to the below-ground root system. 
  • Lawn aeration loosens that soil and substantially improves airflow. 
  • The roots of a properly aerated lawn often grow deeply into the ground, making them much more resilient.

Lawn aeration services represent one type of maintenance that is part of a larger multi-faceted strategy that should include watering, fertilizing, and weed control measures. 

When To Aerate Your Lawn

Lawns that endure heavy traffic from vehicles or people walking on the surface often show indications of significantly compacted soil. Property in need of aeration often becomes “squishy” or “sponge-like” because an upper-layer thatch develops, which limits water penetration into the soil below. Homeowners often find themselves raking their lawns due to an excessive accumulation of dead grass and other debris. 

Keep in mind that you should not perform lawn aeration during periods when the grass is dormant. The best times for aeration include the beginning or the end of the natural growing season. 

The Hassle Of Trying To Aerate Your Lawn Yourself

Property owners often try aerating their lawns using do-it-yourself methods. Unfortunately, many of these efforts create very mediocre results and more frustration. One problem involves lacking knowledge regarding the type of grass and the nature of the soil. In other instances, people use poor-quality equipment or improperly perform the process and aerate the surface to an incorrect depth. 

In some cases, individuals rent lawn aeration equipment, which is often cumbersome and awkward and makes them vulnerable to injuries. For these and other reasons, the best course of action involves consulting with a trained lawn care professional that will get the job done right.  

The Most Effective Aeration Method For Your Lawn

Rather than proceeding with uncertainty, property owners should consider contacting a local lawn care expert that is properly qualified and equipped to achieve positive results that you will be proud of, guaranteed. 

Where can I find a professional provider of lawn maintenance services near me? Aerations Plus employs an experienced team of lawn care maintenance professionals who understand the various grass types and the best ways of properly maintaining them. For a consultation, contact our office today. You can use less water and less money by getting the best results for your lawn and garden with our team.

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