A Step-By-Step Guide To Lawn Fertilization In Los Angeles

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Lawn fertilization is an important part of lawn care and maintenance. Fertilizing your lawn helps to replenish the essential nutrients in the soil that help the grass grow healthy and strong. Not only will fertilizing your lawn help keep it looking great year-round, but it can also provide vital protection from weeds, pests, and other lawn diseases. Spraying lawns is a very effective way to deliver a combination of fertilizer, insecticides, and herbicides to your lawn to ensure proper coverage of your entire lawn. Working with experts at a Los Angeles lawncare spraying company will ensure the most effective results. The following steps will guide you through the fertilization process: 

Step One:  What To Know Before You Fertilize

Before having your lawn fertilized, it is important to understand the basics of fertilizer and how it works. Fertilizer is a combination of different nutrients that are essential for healthy plant growth. The primary nutrients found in fertilizer are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. A fertilizer that is specifically designed for your type of grass and the climate in Los Angeles is more effective if applied at the correct time of year. Applying fertilizer in the spring will help with quick green-up, while applying in the fall will prepare your lawn for winter dormancy. A professional lawn fertilizer service company will be able to ensure that your lawn is properly prepared for fertilization.

Step Two: Choosing A Fertilizer

Lawn fertilization companies are experienced at choosing the right fertilizer for your Los Angeles yard, which is essential to ensuring a healthy and vibrant lawn. Here's a look at some of the most common types of fertilizers that can be used for your lawn:

  • Organic fertilizers are made from natural materials, such as animal manure, compost, or plant-based products, like seaweed.
  • Synthetic fertilizers contain chemicals that provide specific amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that can quickly feed lawns. 
  • Slow-release fertilizers are made with a special coating that releases nutrients into the soil over time, preventing quick nutrient runoff. 

A lawn care company that offers lawn fertilizer services, like Aerations Plus, is your best choice for ensuring that the right fertilizer is used on your lawn. 

Step Three:  The Fertilization Process

The fertilization process begins with proper preparation of the area by mowing, aerating, topdressing, and/or dethatching prior to application. This will help ensure that the fertilizer is able to penetrate into the root zone where it can be best utilized by the grass. It is also important that the lawn be watered prior to application and during the period of growth afterward in order to help activate and absorb the fertilizer. Overall, the process of lawn fertilization is essential for maintaining the health and growth of your grass. Taking proper steps to prepare the area before applying fertilizer, selecting the right type of fertilizer for your lawn, and using the right application rate are best accomplished by a lawn fertilization company in Los Angeles.  

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