A Guide To Growing Grass From Seed In Your Los Angeles Lawn

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A lush green lawn is the first thing most people notice when they see your house. It's the impression that lingers in their minds long after the visit to your property is over. Unfortunately, keeping lawns healthy and green is not easy in California. Scorching hot summers, torrential downpours in the winter, and lately, constant droughts wreak havoc on the health of the grass, requiring constant maintenance and, more often than not, re-seeding.

Picking the right grass type that's likely to succeed in our fickle weather and properly maintaining its growth requires a good bit of knowledge and a fair amount of effort.

Let's take a look at the types of grass best suited to our climate zone, what to do to prepare the soil of your lawn for seeding, and where to find a reliable Los Angeles lawn care company that provides lawn seeding if you're not up to dealing with seeding your lawn on your own.

At Aerations Plus, we've got the right tools and equipment to seed your lawn the right way and do the job you'll be proud of. Get in touch with us to get your Los Angeles property lawn seeded today.

How To Decide Which Grass Seed Is Right For Your Lawn

With lawn seeding being somewhat of a national obsession, a number of varieties of lawn grass have been developed over the last century. In California, lawn grass that has a good chance of survival has to be drought resistant, comfortable with long periods of hot temperatures, and capable of withstanding large amounts of rain during winter rain storms.

The following grass varieties have been developed with these criteria in mind:

  • Blue grass
  • Bermuda grass
  • Zoysia grass
  • California buffalograss
  • Centipede grass
  • Bahia grass

It's common to plant multiple types of turf grass intermingling with each other, to produce a symbiotic effect between different lawn grass varieties.

How To Prepare Your Soil For Seeding

For the best chance of reliable germination, grass seeds require loose, fertile soil with access to water and air. Start with clearing off old grass, plant roots, and sod. Once done, it's time to loosen the soil to make it easier for grass to access water and sunlight.

Be careful not to damage the topsoil too much; it's a precious resource and costly to replace. Use a garden fork to loosen the soil, or if your lawn is on the larger side, use a tractor aerator or a liquid aerator.

Preparing your lawn for seeding is a tedious, messy job that's often best left to landscaping professionals with equipment to make the job easier.

Tips On When And How To Seed Your Lawn

Grass grows fastest and germinates best when the season you're planting in lines up with grass varieties' natural proclivities. Cold-weather grasses grow best when planted during the cooler fall periods. Most of the grass varieties we see in our state germinate best when the soil is above 65°F. That usually means daytime average temperatures are around 85°F.

In the Los Angeles area, the best time to seed your lawn with grass seed is from mid-April to early May. To seed the grass, start by applying nutrients to the soil, using fertilizer or compost. Spread the seeds in a criss-cross pattern to ensure good coverage and rake over them to cover them with a bit of soil that will protect them from scavenging birds. Water frequently over the next few days to keep the ground moist.

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With our quirky climate and lack of water, maintaining a healthy lawn takes year-round care and a sizable amount of effort, knowledge, and experience. At Aerations Plus, we hope to assist you with that task. Call us today if you need a hand or just want to let the lawn maintenance service professionals shoulder the job; this will leave you able to enjoy your newly found free time and your beautiful lawn. Give us a call today to get started on our Los Angeles lawn seeding services.

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