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Is DIY Lawn Aeration Worth The Time And Hassle In Los Angeles?

DIY lawn aeration seems like a great way to save money, but often it costs more energy than it's worth. Learn why hiring a professional is the way to go.

How Important Is Regular Lawn Fertilization In Los Angeles?

Read about the importance of proper fertilization of your Los Angeles lawn from the experts at Aerations Plus.

Lawns Can Be Especially Hard To Keep Green In Los Angeles

Read about the care and maintenance Aerations Plus can provide to maintain the health of your Los Angeles lawn when it’s susceptible to damage from the sun...

The Key To Fixing An Unhealthy Lawn In Los Angeles

Is the grass greener somewhere else? Learn about unhealthy lawns, what can cause them, tips to prevent lawn issues, and why you want Aerations Plus to help...

Are You Struggling To Choose The Right Irrigation System For Your Los Angeles Property?

Are your lawn and garden looking less than awesome? Learn about different irrigation systems, their pros and cons, and how to assess your watering needs.

Is A Soil Amendment Necessary For Your Los Angeles Yard?

Yard looking rough? You may need soil amendments to help it look its best. Learn about soil amendments, which are commonly used, and why you need them.

Are You Having Problems With The Sprinklers In Your Los Angeles Lawn?

Sprinkler system broken? Learn the benefits of working sprinklers, common problems, whether to try a DIY solution, and how you should fix your sprinklers.

What Every Homeowner Should Know About Lawn Dethatching In Los Angeles

Lawn looking grim? It may need dethatching. Learn what dethatching is, the benefits of doing it, how to tell if your lawn needs it, and how to get it done.

Is Lawn Aeration Worth The Cost In Los Angeles?

Is your grass turning brown? You may need lawn aeration. Learn what it is, whether you can skip it, and the pros and cons of professional services.

Deciding On The Best Aeration Process For Your Lawn In Los Angeles

Yard turning brown? Try aeration. Learn what that is, why it’s important, whether professionals have to do it, and tips for taking care of your yard afterw...

How To Properly Seed Your Los Angeles Lawn

Does your yard have bare spots? Learn how to pick the best grass seed, how to prep your yard for planting, and how to get your new grass to grow quickly.

Are You Struggling To Keep Weeds From Taking Over Your Los Angeles Yard?

Sometimes, the weeds in our Los Angeles yards can take over the lawn. Learn more about common weeds in our area and how to stop them with Aerations Plus.

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